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Tien Kim Nhung - Office Manager

Tien Kim Nhung

Office Manager

Nhung is a Tri lingual talent who is the 1st point of contact on many occasions, whether that be face to face or over the telephone, she is multi tasked with various duties including appointment setting, diary schedules, website updates, she communicates in Vietnamese and English as well as basic Japanese. We are very fortunate to have her talents and she continues to be a tremendous help to the directors. 

Nhung is a local who can help locals or can easily communicate with expats to provide a professional solution. Call Nhung now to list with us!- 


+84 767867056


Jimmy Macpherson - Director

Jimmy Macpherson


Jimmy Macpherson has been in the sales and logistics business for over 25 years, originally from the UK and after a 17 year stint in Australia, Jimmy arrived in HCMC in 2017. 
Now settled in District 1, Jimmy saw a gap in the real estate market where he was concerned that the landlords were not being correctly informed and many companies were using staff with little or no sales training to show apartments and other property.

Gold Star Living staff are trained weekly and the difference is astonishing. How our staff present themselves is part of Jimmy's vision to make Gold Star Living the best.

Jimmy is passionate about the future change of HCMC (It's crazy right!) And he has a drive to be at the forefront of the development.
List your property and see what the difference is!

Listing with Gold Star Living is FREE
+84 763244250

We employ key Vietnamese staff who stand with us wanting to create a brand that will grow to become THE household name for both local and expat customers.


Hiring- Sales Managers- Grab a chance to join us and manage your own area and time


Email me now - jimmy@goldstarliving.vn 


+84 763244250


Kevin Lunney - Director

Kevin Lunney



Kevin Lunney has been a successful international businessman for over 40 years, he has been involved in various industries over that time. 

All of us here at Gold Star Living are fortunate to have the expertise of Kevin, he is the ultimate mentor and thrives on seeing people succeed.

Settling in HCMC over 12 years ago, Kevin credits Vietnam with re energizing his priorities. 

Kevin is a strong character and a family man who will deliver a service beyond most, he still also runs an export furniture company out of Vietnam exporting high class furniture to various brand name retail outlets worldwide.

Unfurnished apartment? Ask Kevin to furnish and stage it!